Welcome to my space.

I enjoy going out and about exploring new places, whether it is woodlands, or places of historical interest, taking photographs which you'll find a few piccies in our online gallery.

I have many interests, a few are shown here

Morning after the "Indoor tour" concert at Wembley arena
23rd May 2009
I've waited since 1986 to buy Concerts in China merchandise

Fantastic concert with new laser effects (love the squiggle pairs)
Great entrance and exit through the smoky laser beam

The Laser harp *is* real *;~Q
(basic pic from my phone)


JmJ is still on tour and on 10-10-10

JmJ broadcast the concert live from London's O2 arena :)

JmJ on Theremin


Ode to a fun website "then me now me" I give you my versions

then me

now me

several tiny hands ;)

working together fun in cooperation ;)


First pics of Shuttle attached to ISS

Aurora seen from ISS

Atlantis final shuttle lift off
7th July 2011

End of an era.
Atlantis returns to earth

21st July 2011
I've been following since Columbia's first launch in 1981.

ISS sightings

4D gaming

kite festival flying fun

One of my fav sculpturer's work seen at Hillier's Art in the Garden

Our own fav sculpture swingity birdie

One of my fav trees to photograph on a contrasting stormy day

My Lace Making can be found here


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